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Every patient receives an individualized consultation to determine which Connect Thru Cancer programs are right for them, in addition to connecting them to other resources that may be beneficial to their recovery.

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Cancer Comfort Kits

These Kits are filled with purposeful items to provide comfort and pass the time during cancer treatment. They are meant for any patient in any type of cancer treatment. 

To register for a CCK, please fill out our program registration form at the top of the page.

Connect Thru Cancer Busy Bags

These zippered bags are filled with independent activities aimed to keep kids (ages 3-8) busy when respite is needed. Connect Thru Cancer partners with community and city hospitals, as well as hospice centers to provide Busy Bags to children who have a parent or sibling with cancer. Please see the Hospital link for more information.

Cancer Patient Wellness Workbook: My Journey Thru

A monthly wellness workbook to support the cancer patient in the most positive and gentle way. It includes affirmations, recipes, stress relieving coloring sections, inspirational quotes, room to journal and monthly calendar pages to help you keep track of your appointments.

Teen Workbook: Stuff I’m going Thru

A workbook to walk you through your journey. When you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer it can be a very frightening experience. Oftentimes it’s difficult to know what to say or how to process and express your emotions. This workbook was designed to support you through the day to day journey. You will find inspirational quotes, stress relieving coloring, stress relieving coloring sections, room to journal, areas to write down important questions, space to doodle, games to play, and thought-provoking writing prompts to help you navigate your way through this difficult process.

Busy Book: Busy as a Bee

Let your mind and imagination run free and explore these pages that will surely prompt creativity, daydreams, fun, laughter and thoughtfulness! When you or your child need some downtime, this workbook will provide some much-needed respite while keeping your child engaged and “busy as a bee”!

Creative Self Care Series


This virtual program is for patients, caregivers and older teens affected by a cancer diagnosis. Taking time for self-care is an important aspect of recovery for cancer patients and caregivers. Offered as Pop-In sessions and a multiple week series. Check our Calendar to see when the next scheduled event will occur and to register. Program runs via Zoom.

Self Care / Art Journaling Workshop

For local cancer support groups, hospitals, cancer centers and corporations throughout the Delaware Valley, this unique and therapeutic program focuses on mindfulness and easing the stress related to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. NO artistic experience is required!

For more information on attending a workshop, please email or check out our calendar for upcoming registrations. Check out some Art Journaling workshop photos.

Energy Workshops


Work one-on-one or in a group setting to learn the benefits of meditation. Join one of the online workshops to learn how and why it is important to clear our chakras – our energy fields. This workshop is run by our Founder, Cathy Gabrielsen, who found that these techniques helped her heal after her cancer diagnosis. Check our Calendar to see when the next scheduled event will occur and to register. Check out her website to learn more:

Storytime Library


Host storytime whenever respite is needed, or the kids want to be read to, and you just do not have the time. Need a few minutes to yourself? Set them up with our virtual story time videos. Guest readers share some of their favorite books to enjoy with your little ones. Each story is told via pre-recorded video on our Connect Thru Cancer You Tube Channel.


We provide picture books and workbooks for young children to help talk about a cancer diagnosis. Connect Thru Cancer will also connect families to other grief-related organizations as needed. The CTC Coordinator will consult with each family to determine the appropriate educational support for their individual needs. Connect Thru Cancer Resources will reach beyond the Philadelphia area when appropriate.

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Connect with others throughout your cancer journey by contributing to our Blog. It may be therapeutic to share your experiences and to read the perspectives of others on a cancer journey.

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