Family Programs

Every patient receives an individualized consultation to determine which Connect Thru Cancer programs are right for them and their family, in addition to connecting them to other valuable resources that may be beneficial to their recovery.

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In-Home Support

Our In-Home Program provides respite for those in treatment, and quality time and focused attention on the children. The program provides enrichment, creative play, and moments of joy for young children throughout the Delaware Valley. A team of Program Administrators provides NO-COST, IN-HOME support for six weeks incorporating organized activities such as arts, crafts, games, journaling, singing, and more for young children ages 6 months to 5 years. In-Home Programs run on weekdays.

Cancer Connect

These monthly gatherings are for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. They are centered around fun events and/or activities to help inspire creativity and lasting memories. This program runs monthly, on a weekend day.

*Pre-registration is required to attend.

Please see our calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Secret Santa

Connect Thru Cancer works closely with the community to sponsor our families in need to fulfill a Christmas wish list.

Connect & Remember

These gatherings are for families who have lost a parent or family member to cancer. The focus is on connecting individuals and families with others who have also lost a loved one. This program is similar to our Cancer Connect but reserved for this special group. This program runs semi-annually, on a weekend day.

*Pre-registration is required to attend.

Please see our calendar for a list of upcoming events.


We provide picture books and workbooks for young children to help talk about a cancer diagnosis.

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