Whether in honor of a survivor, in memory of someone special, or simply just because, your generous gifts allow Connect Thru Cancer to continue developing and extending services while bringing happiness and support to families that need us. Individuals, groups, businesses and corporations are welcome to donate online with a credit card, by sending a check in the mail, or by telephone.


Donate to support someone you know who is living with a cancer diagnosis.


Donate to cover the cost of an adult coloring book for our Cancer Comfort Kits.


Donate to cover the cost of a patient or caregiver to attend an Art Journaling Workshop.


Donate to cover the cost of a Cancer Comfort Kit for someone diagnosed with cancer.


Donate to cover the cost of educational material and picture books sent to families.


Donate to cover the cost of a family of four to attend our monthly Cancer Connect Program.


Enter a custom dollar amount as a donation to Connect Thru Cancer.

Donate by Phone


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Donate by Mail


Connect Thru Cancer

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If you wish to honor someone with your gift and are donating with a check, please include:

  1. The type of donation you prefer (“In Honor of a Survivor” or “In Memory of Someone Special”).
  2. The person’s name you want to honor.
  3. Email or mailing address of honoree, family, or loved one – Connect Thru Cancer would love to send an email or letter informing them of your support.

Support Connect Thru Cancer while you shop at For eligible purchases at AmazonSmile, the Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Connect Thru Cancer.

Powerbeads by Jen has created a custom bracelet to support Connect Thru Cancer made of cream coral beads with a heart medal to promote joy, happiness and courage.


($20 from each sale will go to CTC to help provide free program support to those living with a cancer diagnosis.)

Featured Donors

We are always overwhelmed by the immense generosity and outpouring of support CTC receives from the community. We would like to thank each and every one of our donors for their selflessness in helping us to continue our mission.

Donors $15,000

Choate Hall & Stewart
Haug Partners
Proskauer Rose LLP
Troutman Pepper LLP

Donors $10,000

Michael & Pamela Abernathy
Larry Lenfest Legacy Fund, The Philadelphia Foundation

Donors $7,500 – $9,999

Checking For Cancer
King & Spalding
Paul & Meg O’Grady
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

Donors $5,000 – $7,499

Kirsten Anderson
Ed & Patti Brennan
Mark Jensen
La Comunidad Hispana, Inc.
Jeffry Mann Charitable Fund

Donors $2,500 – $4,999

Exelon Corporation
James & Amy Harrington
Bob & Eileen McCann
Reilly, McDevitt & Henrich, P.C.
V. Paul Bucci II, Laffey, Bucci & Kent LLP
Villa Maria Academy High School
Craig & Diane Weinberg

Donors $1,000 – $2,499

Jason Baranski
Elizabeth Benosky
Michael J. Brooks
Catherine’s Restaurant
John Ciccarone
Edward Gates
J & N Management
Eric Marandett
Donna & Tom Myles
Richard Nichols
Kevin & Kristen O’Rourke
Natalie Ramsey
Ryan P. McCall Foundation, Inc
Cammie Sanders
Amy & Daniel Scobell
Skanska USA Building, Inc.
Anthony & Carrie Smith
Joseph Sedwick Sollers
The Becket Family Foundation
Craig & Diane Weinberg

Donors $500 – $999

Lauren Baran
Kristin Becket
Tara Buchakjian
Chris & Michelle Caba
Charles & Mary Crossed Foundation
Dave and Kelly Faggioli
Kelly Farnan
Ralph M. Fay
Neil Ferraro
J. Bradley Forcine
Scott & Cathy Gabrielsen
Ed Haug
Denison & Lisa Horninger
Brian Hoskins
Lindsay Jaso
Michael & Barbara Johnston
Bobby Judge
Dave & Marnie Kelly
Liberty Tool Company
Sedelia Maday
Yvonne McClatchy
Rolando Medina
Carol Mehok
Cathy & Kevin Mulqueen
Daniel Murray
Joe & Amanda Nichols
Kimberly O’Rourke
Otto’s Imported Cars LTD
Powerbeads by Jen
Kelly N. Reeves
Tim Stow
The Kevin J. Traynor Family Foundation
Brian Turley
Villa Lacrosse Assoc.

Donors $250 – $499

12 West Boutique
Ronald Amarant
Emily Anderson
David Banchik
Bohemian Pink
Charlene & Ronald Bosken
Jerome & Sally Bosken
Lisa Bowman
Mark Brown
Mike Ciatti
Carmencita Davey
Evan Diamond
Gage Strength Training
Dorie Griffith
Andrea Iacobucci
Jane Chalfant, Inc
Matthew Jaso
Jenginuity, LLC
Bryan & Kim Krause
Christina Lau
Kathleen Makowka
William McClintock
Lisa Mead
Kelly Megill
Scott Megill
Jason Nichols
Chris & Annie O’Grady
Kim & Tom O’Rourke
Phineas Gage
Cynthe Roberson
Jeffrey Sahrbeck
Erika Selli
John Shakow
Chris & Rebecca Smith
Stalwart Communications, LLC
Nicole Sullivan
Touey Intergrated Sourcing, LLC
Mike & Pam Traynor
Carl & Maribeth Wallace
Watch Your Budget
Daniel Winston

Donors $100 – $249

Aaron Buda
Bobbi Bowman
Robert & Maria Jaso
Janet Johnston
Charles & Lisa Antell
Hudson & Janice Austin
Nan Barash
Sharon Bartle
Catherine Beck
Blue Dog Printing Inc.
Lisa and Michael Bosken
Tamaria Dewdney
Janet S. Burgoon
Patrick & Carolyn Burke
Ettie Cantor
Anthony M. Cappelletti
CCConcepts LLC
Chilcote & Richards LTD
Peggy Christian
Denis Ciancia
Cocky Gourmet Confections LLC
Cynthia Coleman
Karen Conte
Thomas & Jacquelynn Crego
Mark & Eulalla Cross
Donna Cullinan
Angelo Dellario
Andrea M. Delligatti
Ellen DePaul
Kristen Dooley
Margaret & Thomas Doyle
Doris Elofer
Eric & Angela Emtich
Scott & Kimberly Fellows
Kelley Fish
Talia Fisher
Susan Flynn
Elizabeth Folgia
Mary Funchion
Elizabeth Fondren
Sheila Fulling
Sue McGonagle
Timothy Gantzhorn
Rhonda Garland
Beryl D. Goldman
David & Jennifer Hall
J. Carol Hanson
Henderson Field Hockey Boosters
Maureen Hill
James & Paige Infortuna
Iron Hill Brewery
James Judge
Margit S. Julicher
Constance Karakelian
KKM Enterprises, Inc
Tracy Long
Louella Style LLC
Eliza Lugar
Gabe McCool
Donna M. McCorkle
James & Cheryl McCormack
Matthew & Lori-Marie McHale
Jennifer Moitoso
Carla & Jacob Messikomer
Mark & Janet Michener
Susan Minarchi
Nicole Pellegrino
New Deck Tavern
Not Your Average Joe’s Inc
Jennifer O’Donnell
Shannon Oates-Rivera
Cathlyn Ostrem
Paoli Hospital
Joseph Patti
Priscilla Perry
Deborah Phelps
Brian Piper
Therese C. Pomilo
Robert & Shireee Radie
Daniel Rube
Mary Fran Riffel
Salon Di Moda, Inc.
Frank & Sally Scorzetti
Carrie Snyder
Louise H. Snyder
Anita Spieth
SS Simon & Jude Council Knights of Columbus
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stanzione
Linda Sterthous
Keith & Lee Ann Sullivan
Sweet Ashleys Chocolate LLC
Marie Thomas
Pamela Vail
Verita, LLC
Vincent Cyr Group, LLC
Jennifer Walheim
Wedgewood Swim Team
Craig & Diane Weinberg
Marjorie Buff Wentz
Cindee White
Vicki C. Wooters
Joanne A. Yenetskie
Nancy Zion
Peter & Kimberly Zuleba

Donors $50 – $99

Carol Anderson
Kathy Ayres
Alison Bezyak
Tiffany Boden
Charlene & Ronald J. Bosken
Christina Buckel
Mindy Buckley
JoAnn Buono
Clifford Burns
James and Stephanie Buysse
Lisa Callinan
Carolyn Carey
Joseph & Kelly Catania
Elizabeth Chang
Kristin Chaudry
Marie Colaprete
Colleen Crossed
Thomas Curatolo
Denise Daly
Linda DePaoli
ED Navigators
Fick Educational Services, LLC
Katie Flynn
Matthew & Kimberly Ford
Maria Franzini
Laura Giangiulio
Janice Herbster
Catherine Hoffmann
Rosamond Humphreys
James and Julie Judge
Ivan Kaplan
Patricia Kelly
Erin Kent
Wendy King
Carolyn Kinka
Kristin Klugman
Melissa Koons
Won-Joon Kouh
Nancy Labroli
Karen Lopresto
Barbara Lynch
Krystina Mahoney
Julian & Joann McCracken
Paula McCrory
Raymond & Judith McGlew
Amy Moore-Yangello
Patricia Nieberle
Amy Ostafy
Amy Pizzarello
Patty Rivituso
Daniel Rube
Marci Scott
Bonnie Shapiro
Stephanie Shaw
Rebecca Silvestri
Christine Skrypzak
Henrik Strame
Carmen Sturm
Chrissy Sucher
Lynn A. Sulpizio
Karen Sung
Dehlia Towler
Treehouse Yoga for Children
Kristi Turley
Mr. & Mrs. Vaccaro
Brian Vesey
Sheilah Wagner
Jennifer Walheim
Lisa Wicka
Kristyann Wolfington

Community Outreach 

Community Outreach Partners

Businesses who have company matching programs for employee giving.

Exelon Corporation

Community Outreach

Organizations who have partnered with us over the 2018-2019 year through grants, fundraisers, events, volunteering or participating in a Play for a Purpose Game.

Philadelphia Foundation – Larry Lenfest Legacy Foundation
100+ Women Who Care Chester County
Athleta Shop for a Cause
Catherine’s Restaurant
Checking for Cancer
Concord Country Club
Cuddles & Cans
Exelon Generation
Fabulous Shoe Night
Gage Strength Training
Henderson Field Hockey
Iron Hill Brewery
La Comunidad Hispana, Inc.
Michael Brooks Chirstmas Lights

Not Your Average Joe’s Inc
Peirce FH
Penn Fusion Soccer
Powerbeads By Jen Hope Bracelet
Ryan P McCall Foundation Inc
Salon Di Moda, Inc.
Schwab Charitable Fund
Skanska Golf Tournament
SS Simon & Jude Council Knights of Columbus
St. Agnes FH
Suburban Del Tri Tennis
Villa Lacrosse Assoc.
Wedgewood Swim Team


Organizations and businesses who have volunteered their time.

Keller Williams Brandywine
Villa Maria Academy High School
Unionville Crew Team

Employee Giving & Matching Programs

If you are interested in adding us to the list of eligible charities, we would love to connect!

Connect Thru Cancer Financial Information

EIN 205367377

Do you know a family we can help?

Make lasting connections.