Whether in honor of a survivor, in memory of someone special, or simply just because, your generous gifts allow Connect Thru Cancer to continue developing and extending services while bringing happiness and support to families that need us. Individuals, groups, businesses and corporations are welcome to donate online with a credit card, by sending a check in the mail, or by telephone.


Donate to support someone you know who is living with a cancer diagnosis.


Donate to cover the cost of an adult coloring book for our Cancer Comfort Kits.


Donate to cover the cost of a patient or caregiver to attend an Art Journaling Workshop.


Donate to cover the cost of a Cancer Comfort Kit for someone diagnosed with cancer.


Donate to cover the cost of educational material and picture books sent to families.


Donate to cover the cost of a family of four to attend our monthly Cancer Connect Program.


Enter a custom dollar amount as a donation to Connect Thru Cancer.





Enter a custom dollar amount as a donation to the Cammie Hall Sanders Memorial Scholarship Award. Please specify in the NOTE section that you are donating to the “Cammie Hall Sanders Scholarship Award.”

Donate by Phone


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Donate by Mail


Connect Thru Cancer

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If you wish to honor someone with your gift and are donating with a check, please include:

  1. The type of donation you prefer (“In Honor of a Survivor” or “In Memory of Someone Special”).
  2. The person’s name you want to honor.
  3. Email or mailing address of honoree, family, or loved one – Connect Thru Cancer would love to send an email or letter informing them of your support.

Powerbeads by Jen has created a custom bracelet to support Connect Thru Cancer made of cream coral beads with a heart medal to promote joy, happiness and courage.

Connect Thru Cancer Strength Thru Adversity Necklace
The 18″ petite necklace features a lotus flower, pearl, and sun. This necklace helps focus on tomorrow being a new day filled with hope, strength, and love.


Connect Thru Cancer Strength Through Adversity Bracelet

This bracelet features Tiger Eye with a Brass Lotus Flower. Tiger Eye promotes focus, patience, and determination.


Connect Thru Cancer Strength Thru Adversity Tiger Eye Unisex Adjustable Bracelet
The Unisex Connect Thru Cancer Strength Thru Adversity Tiger Eye Adjustable Bracelet is also available.


($20 from each sale will go to CTC to help provide free program support to those living with a cancer diagnosis.)

Featured Donors

We are always overwhelmed by the immense generosity and outpouring of support CTC receives from the community. We would like to thank each and every one of our donors for their selflessness in helping us to continue our mission.

Donors $15,000

Choate Hall & Stewart
Mark Jensen

Donors $10,000

Troutman Pepper LLP

Donors $7,500 – $9,999

Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP

Donors $5,000 – $7,499

Berwind Corporation
Haug Partners
Jones Lang LaSalle America
McCann, Dillon, Jaffe & Lamb, LLC
Joseph and Kelly Mullen
George Sucher

Donors $2,500 – $4,999

Robert Ceribelli
Michael Ceritano Construction Co
Otto’s Imported Cars LTD
Cammie & Frank Sanders
Frederick J. Strittmatter
Melissa Tearney
The Becket Family Foundation

Donors $1,000 – $2,499

AJS Management Group
Caroline Antell
Pamela Armbruster
Care Fund at USLI
Martin and Valerie Carlin
Dawn DeCarlo
Kim Discepola
Gary Siano, Guilded Wealth Management
James Harrington
John Hopkins
Megill Realty Group, Inc
Scott Megill
Daniel and Elizabeth Murray
Network For Good
Anthony and Carrie Smith
Tom and Colleen Tegler
Brian and Kristi Turley

Donors $500 – $999

Affinity Wealth Management LLC.
Kristin Becket
Elizabeth Benosky
Erin Durant
Malvern Preparatory School
Eric Marandett
Paul McClatchy
Tracy Miller
National Philanthropic Trust
Andrew O’Melia
James Ounsworth
Maureen Pearson
Phineas Gage
John Ryan VADM
Justin & Aimee Sherrock
Michael Voehringer
Watch Your Budget

Donors $201 – $499

109 Associates, LLC
Charles and Lisa Antell
Michael Arbaugh
Jerome and Sarah Bosken
Ronald and Charlene Bosken
Daniel Brady
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Cynthia Coleman
John and Marie Colaprete
Susan Colosimo
Tom and Denise Czarzasty
Greg Czyzewski
Ellen DePaul
Ronald Holinsky
J&K Fitness, LLC
John Serock Catering
Kendra Scott, LLC
Kristen Knight
Tracy Long
Bradford Lyons
MacElree Harvey, Ltd.
Kathleen Makowka
Matlack Florist
David O’Hara
June Piola
Lauren and Robert Powelson
Powerbeads by Jen, Inc.
Dana Rafferty
Tami Sanders
Schwab Charitable Fund
Edward Slagis
Craig Snyder
Patricia Storlazzi
Terrence Terifay
Kevin Tirney
Sheilah Wagner

Donors Up to $200

Ronald Amarant
Mary Ellen Antell
Josephine Anthony
Kathy Ayres
Brian Badgley
Barclays Bank
Bruce Barr
Deborah Batchelor
David and Renee Battisti
Raymond & Jan Bednarchik
Kathleen Belmont
Roy & Wendella Belmont
Jeffrey Bennett
David Bernstein
Steven Bevilacqua
Victor Bialous
John Biondi
Susan Bird
Shannon Blake
Simon Blake
Fernand Boisvert
Frank Bonini, Jr.
Lacey Bonner
Michelle Bray
Edward & Patricia Brennan
Pete Browne
Colleen Bucci
Victor Bucci
Mindy Buckley
Michelle Burns
Donald and Dawn Burrows
Edward Buthusiem
Stephanie Buysse
Frances Buzzard
George Byrne
Michele Caba
Cantor Novak Beaver Pike PC Donor
John Carey
John Casebeer
John Cashman
Vincent Ceritano
Rosie Chaudhary
Angus Chen
Stuart Clark
John Coffman
Karen Conte
Richard & Elizabeth Corr
Gene Cortese
Crush on Creative LLC
Kathleen Culp
Jennifer Curatelo

Robert & Janet Curran
Anne Daly
Carmencita Davey
Eleanora Day
Michael & Elizabeth Deegan
Dennis & Peggy Dempsey
Susanne DiBianca
Daniel Diegnan
Jill DiMichele
Aubrey Dirkes
Robert & Carol Diskin
Dawn Doherty
Barbara Droogan
Catherine Duffey
Justin Dunn
Nicholas Dworecki
EdNavigators, LLC
Melissa Eldredge
Stephen Eldredge
Exelon Corporation
Kim Falck
Catherine Fantini
Frank Filipps
Kelley Fish
Katie Flynn
John Ford
Kimberly Ford
Fox, James
Kara Frech
Lisa Fusco
J. Scott & Cathleen Gabrielsen
Erin Gallagher
Paul Geary
Stephanie Gersbach
Steven Gilbert
Lawrence Goodman
Alisa Grant
Nancy Habegger
David Halpern
Franklin Hamilton
Dave Hart
Donald & Christine Heberling
Luann Henry
Robert Hill
Angela Jenkins
Megan Kane
Andrew Kaplan
Lawrence Katin
Kenneth Kelly
Patricia Kelly
Brian Kim
Walter Koch

Todd Korab
Stacie Koroly
Adam Kozin
Ronald Krauser
Douglas Kreszl
Regan Kreszswik
Andrea Krout
Danielle Krout
Vincent Krout
Scott Kunkel
Nancy Labroli
Jessica Lake
Dana Larose
Ann Laue
Les Haggett
Thomas Leung
Luna Hair, LLC
Vincent & Patricia Lyons
Michael Maguire
James & Kathleen Maher
Geoffrey Maloon
Malvern Bank
David Mandel
Valerie Manning
Eugene Marinelli
Michael Mattise
Mark McDuffie
Suzanne McGonagle
Kevin McLaughlin
Barry Melman
Michael Menghini
Leanne Miller Rush
Jennifer Moitoso
John Monroe
Martin Mullaney
Joseph Mulvaney
Marlene Nathans
New Deck Tavern
Patricia Nieberle
Blanche Noone
Kimberly O’Rourke
Judith A. Oppenheimer
Gillian Parascandola
Chad & Amy Parnis
Mira Patel
Judith Pellegrino
Nicole Pellegrino
Teresa Phillips
Lynn W. Piola
Matthew Plevelich
Stephen Pokorny
Michael Posencheg
Premier Programmers, LLC
Timothy Rayne
Sam Reich
Michael Rettig
David & Jayna Richter
Ana Rimkus
Melissa Rittenhouse
Kerri Robinson
Amy Rodden
Victor & Lilian Sabino
David Samuel
Douglas Sasso
Katie Schalleur
Harry & Theresa Schmidt
John & Maryann Schwab
Donna Seravalli
Linda Shevlin
Snyder-Moore Agencies, Inc.
Specialty Metals & Alloys, Inc.
Robert & Patricia Stankewicz
Ken Stanzione
Steven Stefanski
Christopher Stevens
Laurie Stewart
Richard & Mary Kathleen Strenk
Janet Surovcik
Amiee Talerico
Dan Tartagni
Cathy Tassinari
Charlene Tassinari
Judson Taylor
Michael & Eileen Tecce
John Thorn
Justin Tracy
Joshua Tripp
U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association
Lisa Vander Kaay
Jennifer Walheim
Richard Walker
Kathryn Wallace
Stephen Wasylenko
Watch Your Budget
James Wenke
Donna Weyh Roberts
Patrick Wilson
Kristin Wolfe
Joanne Yenetskie
John Zadrovitz

Community Outreach 

Community Outreach Partners

Businesses who have company matching programs for employee giving.
Exelon Corporation

Community Outreach

Organizations who have partnered with us over the 2018-2019 year through grants, fundraisers, events, volunteering or participating in a Play for a Purpose Game.
Philadelphia Foundation – Larry Lenfest Legacy Foundation
100+ Women Who Care Chester County
Athleta Shop for a Cause
Catherine’s Restaurant
Checking for Cancer
Concord Country Club
Cuddles & Cans
Exelon Generation
Fabulous Shoe Night
Gage Strength Training
Henderson Field Hockey
Iron Hill Brewery
La Comunidad Hispana, Inc.
Michael Brooks Chirstmas Lights
Not Your Average Joe’s Inc
Peirce FH
Penn Fusion Soccer
Powerbeads By Jen Hope Bracelet
Ryan P McCall Foundation Inc
Salon Di Moda, Inc.
Schwab Charitable Fund
Skanska Golf Tournament
SS Simon & Jude Council Knights of Columbus
St. Agnes FH
Suburban Del Tri Tennis
Villa Lacrosse Assoc.
Wedgewood Swim Team


Organizations and businesses who have volunteered their time.
Keller Williams Brandywine
Villa Maria Academy High School
Unionville Crew Team

Employee Giving & Matching Programs

If you are interested in adding us to the list of eligible charities, we would love to connect!

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